The Mideast Power League is separated into four playing divisions. Teams may register for the FULL SCHEDULE in the 12u, 13/14’s, 15/16’s, & 17/18’s divisions. Teams may register online at www.advancedeventsystems.

Dates & Locations:

Teams participating in the FULL SCHEDULE will play on 4 different weekends; during the months of January through May. Locations for each division will vary between Louisville, Indianapolis, Muncie, Cincinnati, Lexington, and Knoxville.

Schedules & Results:

Playing schedules (when completed) can be found online at www.advancedeventsystems.com .

AAU Entry Fees:

Teams participating in the FULL SCHEDULE and finishing in 1st place in their age group, will be eligible to have their AAU entry fee paid or reimbursed.  If the first place team has already accepted an AAU entry from another tournament, the reimbursement will be transferred to the second place team. This process will continue to the next lowest, until an eligible team has been selected.

Point system & Final Finish:

The FULL SCHEDULE consists of 4 play dates. The first play date in each division will be a seeding weekend and will not count towards the final standings. Each week afterwards, teams in each age group (not division) will be awarded a point based on their order of finish.

Example: If a team is playing in the 17/18’s division, is an 18 year old team, and finishes 1st in bracket A they will be awarded 1 point, second 2 points, third 3, and so on. If a team is a 17 year old team playing in the 17/18’s division they will be awarded points based on their order of finish. If they are the highest finishing 17’s team on the weekend they will receive 1 point, the second highest 2 points, and so on.

12U Division:

Teams may register for individual weekend dates in the 12u Division. Teams signing up for the 12u division that would like to play one or two of the play dates, will need to register for the FULL DIVISION online; then e-mail alan@kivasports.net to specify which individual dates they want to play. Cost per individual play date is $375.00.

Teams participating in the 12 & under age group that do not play the full schedule will not be eligible to receive their AAU fee or win the Power League. Their points will be used to help seed them in future events.


In the case of tie there will be NO PLAY-OFFS. The tiebreaker formula will go as follows:

  • Game percentage (if still tied)
  • Pool Point Differential (if still tied)
  • Coin Flip


  • Must be purchased online. NO CASH SALES AT DOOR.
  • Admission price is $10.00.
  • Persons ages 15 & older must have an admission ticket to enter.
  • Persons ages 14and under are free.
  • All admissions purchased online is NON-REFUNDABLE!
  • QR Codes will be available at door to scan and purchase for those that have not done so ahead of time.

Facilities & Addresses

Contact Information:

For questions regarding the Mideast Power league contact Alan@kivasports.net or 502-473-1200 ext. 210.